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Want a great abdominal exercise?

There is not another exercise for the abdominals that I feel the next day like chins ups and pull ups. I get similar feedback from a lot of my clients too. Especially if we are doing a program with a lot of sets of chin ups and pull ups.

I think a big key to really getting the abdominals worked with chin ups and pull ups is keeping the body straight and from swinging. This will engage the abs and core in general more. Also doing the negative phase in a slower rep tempo (4 seconds or longer) I feel really works the abs a lot.

If you can’t do a chin up or pull up you can use one of the bands to wrap around the chin up bar and use it to assist you in the movement. I like using this better then having someone using the gravatron machine or some other machine that mimmicks the movement pattern of chin ups and pull ups. I don’t feel these machines are effective for transferring strength over to chin ups and pull ups as the movement pattern isn’t the same and a lot of the key stabilizer muscle don’t work or at least don’t work to the same degree as in a chin up and pull up. Using the band to assist you keeps the movement pattern similar and I feel transfers over better to strength in chin ups and pull ups and works the muscles more effectively then chin up and pull up machines. #chinup #chinups #pullups #pullup #backexercises #backexercise #backworkout #abs #abworkout #abtraining #abdominals #abroutine #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #fitnesstraining #strengthcoach #lasvegas #strength #muscle #personaltraining

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