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A good exercise you aren't doing for your back

Trap 3 raises for the lower trap muscles (trap 3) as well as scapula retractors (rhomboids and mid traps). Most people are really weak here. It’s another of the many posterior (back of the body) muscles that are weak and underdeveloped in many people. Here are some keys to doing this exercise

1️⃣ Use strict form to make sure you use the right muscles. This can be difficult as people sometimes have a hard time engaging these muscles. I will usually have clients do the exercise and watch closely and put my hand on their back to see if they are using the right muscles. You are trying to retract the shoulder blades (squeeze together) and depress them (draw them downwards).

2️⃣ Don’t excessively arch the back raising your chest off the bench. The chest will lift a little as you refract your shoulder blades but it shouldn’t be excessive.

3️⃣ Keep your head straight and keep it from moving.

4️⃣ Do the exercise in a smooth, controlled manner. Don’t swing. I like to use slower rep tempos and isomeric squeezes at the end to really isolate and work the muscles in this exercise.

5️⃣ Start with light weight or even no weight to ensure you get the form right and are working the right muscles

6️⃣ I like to start with a low incline bench. Some trainers and coaches use a higher incline. I find it easier to start with a low incline. #trapezius #traps #trapexercise💪 #rhomboids #dumbbells #backexercises #back #backworkout #backexcercise #backtraining #posteriorchain #lasvegas #vegas #personaltrainer #strengthtraining #strengthcoach #muscle #isometrics #reptempo

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