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526,350 exercise related injuries in 2017

I found this to be interesting but I didn’t find it surprising. It could be lifting too much weight or doing too much overall exercise (frequency and volume), not doing exercises in the right form and with the right technique, not warming up properly, pushing too hard, progressing too quickly, doing exercises (usually advanced exercises) that someone isn’t capable of performing or a host of other reasons.

When it comes to legal matters someone hires an attorney, for their taxes they hire an accountant and if they are sick they go to a doctor. For some reason many people feel they can exercise on their own without any help or guidance. The stats here shown on injuries and the number of obese adults in the US (93.3 million adults, 40 % of adults from the National Center for Health Statistics In 2015-16) show that people need help and guidance from a health and fitness professional (since the personal training industry is unregulated and in my opinion even some of the best personal trainer certifications are incredibly easy to obtain it isn’t always easy to find a qualified professional trainer but that’s another topic for another day).

I don’t feel anyone should mess around with their body and their health. They should take it seriously and this includes exercising and exercising correctly. It’s one of the reasons I try to be so thorough and particular with everything I do in my clients workouts and programs and to specifically customize them. Doing a fitness evaluation and assessment, addressing muscle and structural imbalances and working to correct them, teaching clients proper form and technique, prescribing the right amount of exercise (volume, frequency, intensity, exercise selection, etc) and in the right progressions factor in to not just getting the clients the results they want but keeping them healthy and injury free. #exercise #exercisetips #exerciseinjuries #workout #workouttips #workoutinjuries #fitness #fitnesstips #strengthtraining #weighttraining #fitnessprofessional #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #strengthcoach #obesity #exercisefacts #fitnessfacts #workoutfacts #lasvegas

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